How to Eliminate Injuries Bruising Naturally!

How to Eliminate Injuries Bruising Naturally!

How to Eliminate Injuries Bruising Naturally! - Contusion is a condition where a state of frozen blood and can not flow from trauma so that blood circulation can not walk properly. Bruises can be caused by many things, such as falls, kejedot door, or because of a fight. Actually, bruises can be removed in a short time, if you know how to take care of him.

Bruise or bruising usually purple or greenish blue - green. Although very painful bruises do not bleed at all. When you have bruises you should immediately treat it. Perhaps now there are products that offer treatment bruises, but love only once briefly exit costs and even longer to heal. Well for that I will give a little Natural Tips To Treat Wounds Bruising or Bruises.
Cara Tradisional mengobati memar
Bruising wounds or bruises

First of all we need to know in advance what are the things that cause bruises on the body. There are many things that can make the body had bruises. he causes contusion :

Causes of injuries Bruising

  • Due to knock a blunt object
  • Because the wrong position when sleeping
  • Because blood vessels are already Thin
  • Lack of platelets in the body
  • Due to genetic factors or disease causing blood clots
Well without stale meninding we immediately wrote to creating a cure

Bruising drug to Drink

1. Drugs I

The first drug is made from the leaves of the gods and red ginger. Leaves of the godscontaining an analgesic or pain reliever, while Red Ginger has a flavor that is hot enough to make the bruises feel better also able to warm the body.
Cara Mengobati Memar dengan Jahe Merah
Prescription 1
  • Dewa leaf
  • Red Ginger
Comparison 3: 5 so if god leaves 3gr means red ginger
5 gr

How to Membuatanya
  • Mash or blend the two materials
  • Then Rebuh with boiling water to taste
  • Filter and input in a glass
  • Drink every day

2. Drugs II

Cara Mengobati Memar dengan Siantan
Prescription Drugs 2

Bulbs Daun Dewa have efficacy for pain relief, but it helps blood circulation.

  • Bulbs Daun Dewa
  • Antan leaves and flowers
  • Roses
Comparison 1: 3: 1
How to make it the same as the first medicine

Bruising drugs for Pinned

1. Drugs I

Manfaat Daun Jarak Bagi Kesehatan
Leaves of Jatropha
  • Leaves of Jatropha
The trick
  • Mashed enough to taste and paste on the wound

2. Drugs II

Cara Mengobati Memar dengan Bunga Pacar
Willow and girlfriend
Willow capable circulation of our blood. So good for bruises, besides neutralizing too.
  • Flower Water girlfriend
  • Willow
The trick
  • Same as above Mashed then put on the bruised area

3. Drugs III

Manfaat Daun Sirih Bagi Kesehatan
Betel leaf
Betel leaf is believed to have a lot of properties or benefits. Ternyada betel leaf is able to treat bruises on the body. It feels very comfortable when worn treat bruises ? do not believe try deh own.
  • Betel leaf
The trick
  • When cooking rice on top shelf for warmth
  • It could also be roasted on the fire as long as not to scorch
  • Tempelin continue deh keluka bruised

4. Medication IV

Cara Mengobati Memar dengan Beras
Rice and Kencur
Kencur so a lot of benefits, kencur can also be used as medicine tablets bruises. let's try it!
  • Kencur 5 fingers
  • Rice
The trick
  • Then stick kekbagian mashed bruises sick

5. Drug V

Manfaat Biji Blustru Bagi Kesehatan
Seeds Blustru

  • Seeds Blustru
The trick
  • Mature seeds roasted Blustru to be careful not eaten yes
  • Then mash and stick it on the bruised lika

Gampangkan ?, so if taxable bruises whether it falls kejedot etc. cape cape do not need to buy drugs or medicine. Just do the above manner is finished deh. But remember that his or severely deteriorated better medicine ok !. Thank you for reading this article until the end. So much from me for today regarding Traditional medicine to Eliminate Injuries Bruising , Do not Forget to Share and Share on your friends yaa.
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