How to Eliminate Acne scars Naturally sand and with Scrub

How to Eliminate Acne scars Naturally sand and with Scrub

Sand How to Eliminate Acne Naturally - Actually I have discussed about how to treat acne with natural remedies. But this time I will discuss about Acne Sand , Acne sand is similar to acne in general. The difference grows acne on the face sukup much sand and small size - small. Acne is generally growing areas around the cheeks.

Kebayangkan not embarrassed when you have acne. Because the pimples are many and small - so small that makes the skin look rough. Many people do a variety of ways in order to treat acne. Surely you are bored with various types of cosmetics, but never change. Try it Natural Ways to Treat Acne Scrub Sand, We can make it so that there will be no mixture of hazardous chemicals.

Scrub can assist in the removal of dead skin cells. Scrub was not only used on the skin but also very good scrub for the face. Scrubs so it is suitable for treating acne sand. Because I've written about the causes of acne. so now just ketopik discussion. he tips - natural tips to make a facial scrub.

Cara Alami mengobati jerawat pasir dan bekasnya
Acne Sand

Recipes to Make Natural Facial Scrub

1. Green tea

Cara mengatsi bekas jerawat pasir dengan tepung jagung
Green Tea Corn Flour

Green tea is very beneficial and good for the health of the skin, making it a scrub with green tea helps to erode and replace cells - skin cells are dead. In addition, the green tea is very good for making skin more youthful.

- Green tea is good is still fresh
- Cornstarch

2. Yougurt

Cara ampuh mengatasi bekas jerawat pasir dengan gandum
Yogurt and Wheat

Yogurt is believed to soften and whiten the skin. yougurt but it also can make the skin healthy teteap plus coarse grain cereals would help lift the cells - dead skin cells and acne.

- Yogurt
- Cereals Wheat

    3. Coffee

    Cara cepat obati bekas jerawat pasir dengan lemon
    Kopi dan Lemon

    We never could lemon juice whiten face or can be black blemishes. Many tutorials are mnggunakan lemon as natural ingredients whitening face. With the help of coffee into a scrub will facilitate the removal of dead skin cells and small acne breakouts will hilangn so well suited to acne sand.

    - Coffee
    - Lemon

    4. Salt

    Cara cepat mengobati bekas jerawat pasir dengan
    Aloe Vera and salts

    Aloe vera can help eliminate acne. Aloe vera also has many benefits. Can moisturize the skin, making the skin brighter.

    - Salt
    - Aloe Vera take any mucus

    5. Brown Sugar

    Tips Ampuh mengatasu bekas jerawat pasir dengan awang Putih
    Garlic Sugar Sugar

    Garlic since ancient times believed to help eliminate acne and dry. although we know the smell will be very menyegat but garlic proved effective. coupled with a brown sugar scrub will make it a very nice and natural to reduce and eliminate acne sand.

    - Brown sugar
    - Garlic

    How to Make Natural Scrub or Traditional

    Select one of the above basic ingredients for membuat scrub , After that he means to make scrubnya:
    • First puree used materials - the main basic ingredients until soft so as not to hurt and sore.
    • Simply mix the two ingredients to form into a thick paste-like kayak principally to scrub.
    • Setealah that apply kewajah
    • Ears of grain will help exfoliate dead kit so gently rub the acne sand - and land softly. Do not be too rough as if too rough that there actually damage the pore - pore face. remember slowly - slowly because it would be sick if they have acne
    • Allow to dry and peel yourself
    • If it is dry wash and rinse using facial foam.
    For those who have oily skin is not recommended to wear scrub of coffee or palm sugar. Do scrub 2 weeks not too often because it will damage the skin. to support the above tips you can also use the tips here How to Eliminate Acne and scars in Natural , Because the tips that can be done every day and help kill acne.

    So do not be confused - confused expensive expensive go kedokterkan. Many natural and traditional way can we lakukann to get rid of acne, especially acne sand. Umpteen Tips on How to Treat Acne Natural Sand and traces with Scrub , Wait Tips - another beautiful tips. Thank you for visiting, do not forget to share also the friend - your friend yes and do injury to love this article if it is helpful for you.

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