How to Treat Eye Minus With Betel Leaves

How to Treat Eye Minus With Betel Leaves

How to Treat Eye Minus With Betel Leaves | Having healthy eyes is certainly a desirable thing by everyone, including me. But sometimes, it is difficult to get, especially for people like me that most of the time is spent in front of the screen / computer. The result will amount to damage to the eyes slowly. For example, the eyes become myopic and can not see an object / objects clearly primarily a short distance.
How to overcome the minus or myopic eyes practically difficult, even many people who prefer to give up and wearing glasses. Though the disease can still be treated by medical means, but unfortunately not everyone has a lot of money for a fee. Therefore, searang I want to share tips on how to reduce and cure eye minus the traditional way by using betel leaves. But before that, we will discuss the symptoms of eye minus.

Myopia (The medical term for nearsightedness) is a condition in which the eye is able to see close objects clearly, but can not see objects clearly long distance / nearsightedness. The word "myopia" itself comes from the Greek meaning "narrowed matta". Usually people with myopia is always squinting to be able to see an object that is located quite far away. To find out the main causes of eye disease minus (myopia), you can read the article sebelmnya about | Main Causes Eye Minus / Myopia.

Dewi Safitri [One expert eye treatment with betel leaf therapy] found, one feature of the development of myopia are disorders that continue to grow until adolescence, then declines in young adulthood. Although somewhat rare, myopia can also be caused by changes in the curvature of the cornea / by deformities of the lens of the eye.

Usually, myopia occurs due to elongation of the eyeball axis, and causes the eyes are round like an egg. As a result, the eye becomes difficult to focus the beam of light that leads to the eye. Along with the axis of elongation of the eyeball, eye minus degrees also increased. The greater the degree of myopia will increasingly require glasses increasingly severe degree of strength. Therefore, for patients aged between 20-40 years is very disanrankan for eye health examination every 6 months.

A. The symptoms Eyes Minus (Miopa)

To identify whether you have a disorder eye myopia or not, you may know of some symptoms such as the following:

Myopia (minus eye) is caused by the axis of the eye that is too convex, which resulted in the shadow of an object or objects falling right in front of the retina. As a result, objects located far enough away not visible to the eye. Well, if so you should begin to wear glasses, because if not, this myopia sufferers will experience headaches and eye.

Additionally normally would head ache and throbbing, especially the front, eyeball becomes sore, like going out and tears will melt excessively. To fix this, you should stop the move first and took time to rest my eyes not to be too tired.

B. How To Treat Eye Minus By Betel leaf Therapy

Earlier we already know what it is eye minus / myopia and what are the symptoms gelaja arising from myopia. Now we will discuss tips on how to reduce or even cure minus eye / eye nearsightedness by using a betel leaf. Selngkapnya you can read the following easy steps:


1. Tools and Materials:

  • 2 The betel leaf
  • 4 plaster / hansaplas
  • air
2. Steps:
  • First you wash / wipe your face
  • Then, wash the betel leaves earlier by using clean water
  • After that betel leaf paste earlier on in both your eyes with emnggunakan plaster / hansaplas
Do the above routine every time you sleep , And let the betel leaf stuck to your eyes all night. And you can take the betel leaves tomorrow.


In addition to the tips above, you can also do troubleshooting potent minus treat other eye you can see in the article | 9 Ways to Treat Eye Minus Natural |. In the article there are some other tips for treating eye minus that might be useful to you.

Finally, I wish you good luck and specially for those of you people with the disease of myopia / minus eye, may Allah give healing to you through your efforts do include doing the above tips. Ameen

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