Air Nabeez benefits, Drinks Health Favorites Prophet

Air Nabeez benefits, Drinks Health Favorites Prophet

How to make water nabeez - Dates are tasty fruit that is rich in benefits. This fruit is black and has a very sweet taste. But in addition to tasty, if consumed regularly, this fruit can also keep the condition of the body to remain healthy.

For information about the nutritional content of dates, you can read the articleearlier onnutrient and efficacy of dates.

Date palm fruit can be consumed in various ways, either directly eaten or processed first into other foods, for example, processed into juice palm, palm dodol or presented in the form of water nabeez.

Khasiat dan Manfaat Air Nabeez, minuman kesehatan kegemaran Rasulullah SAW. Bagaiamana cara membuatnya? klik!
Air Nabeez

What is Air Nabeez?

Nabeez water is water immersion of dates or raisins. This drink is one of the favorite drinks of the Prophet Muhammad. As it is written in the article on the site said:
Nabi soak some dates or raisins (one) in water overnight (in sealed container) and drink the soaking water in the morning the next day.
Prophet drinking water and palm fruit that has soft, so the Prophet swallowed without chewing first.

Dates For Health Benefits

1. to restore power, it is one of the reasons why we disunahkan to take a date at the time of breaking the fast, which is to recover our energy after a day endure thirst and hunger. So we will be better equipped to perform the next.

2. Preventing and treating Constipation
The content of fiber in the palm fruit is useful to eliminate bad cholesterol in the body. So that we can avoid constipation.

3. Rich in iron

4. The content of the fruit pottassium date benefit to stabilize blood pressure and maintain heart health.

Efficacy Air Nabeez for Health

  • If the fruit is soaked in water overnight, then it will produce a health drink that water nabeez. Nutritious beverages containing alkali to remove harmful toxins from the body, helping the process of disposal of excess acid in the stomach and improve the body's digestive system.
  • The fiber content in the water can nabeez digestion, sharpens the mind to stay focused and not easily forgotten.
Type Dates and raisins are recommended to Make Air Nabeez
In making nabeez water, types of dates made Nabeez is organized Ajwa dates, raisins and currants Manaqqa is recommended.

How to make Air Nabeez?

Nabeez water-making process was very simple. Here are some easy steps you can do to make nabeez.

Make nabeez water with palm materials:
1. Take a few grains of palm fruit (preferably in an odd number)
2. Soak in a glass of boiled water for 8 to 12 hours.
3. Cover the glass with a glass lid or plastic.
4. If you make nabeez in the late afternoon or early evening, then you can drink nabeez next day. While the dates are softened by soaking overnight, can be eaten as usual.

Make water nabeez of raisins:
1. Take a handful of raisins
2. soak in 1 cup of boiled water
3. let stand for 8 to 12 hours
4. Nabees can only be consumed after 8-12 soaking process.

In order to be taken in the morning, preferably nabeez made on the afternoon or evening. Conversely, if you want to drink water nabeez afternoon, preferably nabeez manufacture can be started from the morning.

Water restrictions in making Nabeez

There are several things that must be considered in making the water so wayward prophets such as:
  • Can not use the two ingredients (dates and raisins) as well as in making nabeez. That is not placed in the same container.
  • If water nabeez stored in the refrigerator, it can last up to 2 days.
  • Do not drink the water immersion Dates (nabeez) which entered more than 3 days, because already entered a period of fermentation which can make dates or raisins soaking water into wine is haram to drink.

Nabeez drinking water is one of the ways of the Prophet Muhammad in maintaining a healthy body. How about you? Do you also want to try it?

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