Absolutely not ya All Pregnant Women must have cravings?

Absolutely not ya All Pregnant Women must have cravings?

Did not ya all Women Definitely Pregnant Cravings? - Most of the mothers who are megandung always face cravings. Each wishes to be fulfilled because siibu is pregnant , So what if the mother want to eat this it is that so many babies bner ga it desires? or do not - do not have cuman because - because his mother greedy hahaha. It continues cravings actually what the heck? why pregnant women may crave ?.

He's ni disucapin habit we often do not know that means, so actually Cravings is a condition in which the pregnant woman feels nauseous or vomiting followed by the desire to eat something. Usually cravings often occur early in pregnancy. This is often the case, but remember cravings does not happen to everybody yes. there are several things that affect maternal cravings, among others:

Tips Mengurangi Mual saat Hamil
Treating Nausea and cravings while pregnant

Causes Cravings

  • Work
  • Environment
  • Psychological
  • Food
  • Physical Activity
  • and - Other
Actually when cravings does not mean we have to follow them all. Because when the mother feels cravings need something usually happens by instinct or nature's call. for example when the mother wants to eat chocolate event means that urine shortage of sugar in the body. So it's just a lack of a signal due to maternal or nutritional content.

No doubt accompanied by nausea cravings are very troublesome. we are so hard to do all sorts of activities. for that I will give a little tips to reduce nausea during pregnancyamong others.

How to Reduce Nausea when cravings

1. Leaves Dadap

Cara Mengobati Mual Ketika Hamil dengan Daun Asam
Dadap leaves and Acid

First of all prepare the leaves dadap with young tamarind leaves
Wash thoroughly
boil 2 cups of water and enter the leaves until the water remains for one glass
Drink the potion and drink while warm 3 times a day
Certainly can reduce nausea during pregnancy young

2. Ginger

Manfaat dan Khasiat Jahe untuk Kesehatan
Ginger drink

Ginger can reduce nausea in pregnant women. it has been studied in Thailand and Denmark. Besides ginger also has no harmful side effects to the fetus.
It's easy once
Just wash up clean
Cut into pieces and boiled until boiling ai.
So that it feels good to add a little honey
Drink 2 times a day or when you feel nauseous great

3. Potatoes

Cara Mengobati Mual Ketika Hamil dengan Kentang

Sometimes women who are pregnant always felt sick when he saw the rice and do not want to eat rice. Remember it was not all - meals noodles later sorry for her baby. Try food substitute for rice with potatoes. Potatoes contain enough karbohdrat higher than that of potatoes also contain vitamin B6 can reduce nausea. The way is the consumption of potatoes, many recipe or a way to cook potatoes so please try.

4. Bananas

Cara Mengobati Mual Ketika Hamil dengan Pisang

If mothers often feel severe vomiting and nausea while pregnant. Try to consume bananasbecause the fruit is able to suppress nausea. Bananas also contain vitamin B6 which can reduce nausea and good for pregnant women.

5. Spinach

Khasiat dan Manfaat Bayam bagi ibu hamil

Spinach is very healthy, because spinach is a green vegetable that can counteract many diseases. There are so many ways that we can do to cultivate spinach. Spinach is also the same as potatoes and bananas which have kandungn ang vitamin B6 can reduce nausea when cravings. So perbanyaklah consume a lot of spinach.

Well that is a recipe or food that is able to control the nausea when she was pregnant. But this I have some other tips that can help relieve nausea

  • Perbanyaklah snacking Snacking because we forgot the feeling of nausea. but our snack sembarangannya do that.
  • Drink plenty of water so the baby also healthy
Do not forget when was pregnant once -this time not selfish to think of yourself but think of the baby in the womb as well. If her mother eat healthy surely the baby will be healthy. Although sometimes nausea are very disturbing and makes you so hard to eat only little by little force because the baby would be too sad if you do not eat.

Good News !!!

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Cara Cepat Hamil Terbukti Ampuh dan Berhasil

Now that's Tips on How to Overcome Nausea When Pregnant Young (cravings).Thank you for visiting this blog may be useful so easy - I hope the baby in good health. Do not forget if you find it too ya like and share. If anyone would like to ask please comment below.

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