How To Lose Weight In Count Day

How To Lose Weight In Count Day

How To Lose Weight In Count Day- Has weight Excess is one thing that is feared by many people, especially for women who tend to prefer a slim body shape and ideal. Not a few people who are willing to spend a lot of money to get the ideal body shape. Ranging from buying slimming up to perform operations that clearly could endanger his life. How about you? Are you also one of them? If you want to know how to lose weight naturallyand fast, first you have to know the cause why there could have excess weight.

Cara Menurunkan Berat Badan Dalam Hitungan Hari

A. Causes of Excess Weight

Before we discuss how to lose weight, Let us consider a few things that could causeobesity.

1. Heredity factors (genetic)

Usually the person's weight can also be influenced by genetic factors tau descent. For example, if both your parents are underweight, it is likely that you (the child) will also underweight. If your mother and father of normal height, then you also will be of normal height, and if your mother's father was plump, then most likely you will also be obese.

2. By Hidup

In addition due to heredity, one's weight can also dipengrahui by the lifestyle they lead. I need not explain again for sure you already understand. But I aka mention a few things that can be the cause of why you are fat, such as beriktu:

- Snacking Habits

Are you among those who have a habit of snacking? you know, snacking habits can also be a cause of obesity, the reason karea in the womb Snac / snack lots of saturated fat, does not have an important nutrient for the body and contain high calories.

- Stress

Stress can also lead to obesity, because there is a hormone in the body called kotrisol hormones that can cause increased appetite

- Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep or staying up too often can lead to obesity alsannya because if someone often stay up then your sleep time will be reduced, as a result he will always feel like eating something and of course this menybabkan calorie intake becomes irregular.

- Fatty Foods

Too much consumption of food containing a lot of fat can also cause your body into a fat, for example, fried chicken, fried etc.

- Lazy Exercise

Rarely exercise can cause the fat burning process to be reduced, so that the fat we consume will continue to be accommodated in our bodies as a result of our body fat.

B. As a result of Excess Weight

Besides being able to cause a person not to appear confident, there was still another result of having excess weight. What are they? Let's look at beberpa result of obesity (obesity) the following:

- Lose Confidence

People who are obese usually can not appear confident in front of many people. Because sometimes they will think that he is no better than anyone else and thinks that he is different.

- Easily affected by diabetes

Most diabetes caused by obesity, or obesity on the body. And this is one of the important work reasons why many people do not want to obesity.

- It's hard to find clothes that fit

Well, it could also be the reason why a person has a fear of body fat. In contrast to the ideal body of people, would be very enjoyable because they will have no difficulty in finding clothes that fit

- Quickly tired

Well, this is also one of the consequences of obesity, the body will more quickly feel tired, because too many bore the burden.

- It's hard for Couples

Most people (including me) would prefer someone who has the ideal body of people who are obese. Yes, although not for everyone, but most like it.

C. How to Lose Weight

Well, once we know the cause and effect that can be caused by excess weight, now I will share tips on how to lose weight naturally , Fast, safe in a matter of days. And the following tips:

  • Sports Regularly / Adding Time Sports
  • Avoid consuming fried- Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • Reduce snacking habits
  • Reduce the size of the meal- Reduce the bed too late at night
  • Avoid carbonated beverages / soft drinks
  • Get used to drink before eating
  • For men, do shit
  • or push-ups on a regular basis so as not bloated stomach
* Perform the steps above on a regular basis

Now that he tips How How To Lose Weight In Count Day , For those of you who want to get the ideal body shape and healthy, you must do what I mentioned earlier. Akhirkata I say thank you and good luck. :)
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